Web Games

(Browser games, HTML5+JS & WEBGL – These days I only make these in UNITY)

Here are some examples of web games I have developed that run right inside the browser using HTML5/JS or WEBGL. I do have a lot more to show actually, but I need to wait for NDAs to expire, I can literally make virtually anything in webgl, so please contact me even if you aren’t sure. See my main portfolio here and my unity portfolio here (all of these can work in webgl too). So pretty much anything you want will work in the browser, I can include web3, wallet connection, play to earn etc, check out eggfall for that. The only thing which really struggles in webgl is very very memory hungry apps with huge download sizes, if you keep it semi simple it’s good. Tenement is a good example.


Check out the website for my online battle arena game “Tenement” (or just click here to play now)


“Life As It Is” – an experiment in html/js using GDevelop.

Play it now on itch! https://radiantsilver.itch.io/life-as-it-is


Click here to play eggfall, a web3 opengl game I developed.

Video below.

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