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Alton Towers Resort (& CBeebies Land)

Alton Towers Resort is the UK’s leading short break resort, offering a extensive range of rides, attractions, hotels, restaurants and much more, for the whole family to enjoy together. I developed the official app for Alton Towers, which features live queue times from the park, online special offers that you can use at the park and lots of info about what is going on at the park.

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2013-09-10-114915 device-2013-09-10-115015 device-2013-09-10-115028 device-2013-08-30-201540


Thorpe Park theme park (& Angry Birds Land)

With over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events, THORPE PARK Resort is an island like no other. With the opening of a brand new ANGRY BIRDS LAND complete with the world’s first ANGRY BIRDS 4D experience Thorpe Park is a must see attraction for families and fans of the feathered flock. I developed the official app for Thorpe Park which is crammed with great features such as an interactive map of the park, live queue times, challenges, day planner, opening times and it can even work out the shortest route from you to any item in the park.

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2013-09-10-120636 device-2013-09-10-120646 device-2013-09-10-121007 device-2013-09-10-121122


Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

Sponsored by HSBC and Mitsubishi the Badminton Horse Trials is one of the premier international 4 star CCI events. This app was carefully designed to give it a unique and attractive feel, and gives live info on races, jockeys, weather, results, the course and more! The app features a working Rolex clock in the main menu which I worked to integrate alongside Rolex engineers.

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2012-08-01-225559 device-2012-08-01-225619 device-2012-08-01-225953 device-2012-08-01-230042

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials

Burghley Horse Trials is one of only six CCI 4* events in the world, the star rating donating the highest standard of event (technically and administratively) and is considered to be the most challenging of all. This app contains many features such as audio and video about the track and jockeys, live news and social networks, rider profiles, ticket purchases and even live weather, complete with wind speed and direction!

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2012-08-01-222133 device-2012-08-01-222208 device-2012-08-01-222539 device-2012-08-01-222624

Royal Ascot Racecourse

It’s all about fast horses and fancy hats at Royal Ascot, the world’s most famous race meeting, and the most glamorous event in London’s sporting calendar. As you can imagine I was very proud to develop this app for the Ascot Racecourse which features  lavish menus and graphics – not to mention live statistics on every single race right up to the minute – this app even turns gold during the week long Ascot event!

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2012-08-01-223244 device-2012-08-01-223400 device-2012-08-01-223443 device-2012-08-01-223730

Paultons Park (& Peppa Pig World) theme park

When asked to work on the app for Paultons Park & Peppa Pig World I was delighted. At first it seemed an impossible task – so much functionality and so many beautiful screens to be made. I had to take the challenge head on, and it took a good 5 months of development to make the app frame work and all of the functionality (custom mapping with shortest paths, live queue times, opening times, news, notifications, complete information on every item, planning a day at the park etc). We had many meetings where the whole style changed and the entire feel even changed constantly, forcing things to evolve considerably over time (not something I recommend but it can and will happen at times). Ultimately we came to a solution involving lots of eye candy and lots of functionality – at this point in time these screenshots show a non final product (final version coming soon).

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2013-09-10-124738 device-2013-09-10-124751 device-2013-09-10-124841 device-2013-09-10-125055

BasicFit Gym

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

Startled with a midnight call, “Can you make an app for the largest gym in Holland?” – 4 weeks later I delivered the app of their dreams, gym goers were tracking their success on the internal network (and being rewarded on their account) as well as Twitter and Facebook. 3 weeks later I got a call asking if I could make an app for their sister gym which a few more features, I developed their app too.

device-2013-09-10-135133device-2013-09-10-134435   device-2013-09-10-135336device-2013-09-10-134702

Health City Gym

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

Mobile Personal Trainer – you always have your own Personal Trainer nearby! Create your own personal training schedule and join fun and effective workouts. Give your personal goals and start immediately. You can share your results instantly with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

device-2013-09-10-135823 device-2013-09-10-135947 device-2013-09-10-140028 device-2013-09-10-140115

Life before Android (J2ME / Blackberry)

Before Android and iPhone we still had apps, but they were developed in J2ME and much more restricted. I have developed many many J2ME apps back in the day, and here I will show case some. Bare in mind the concept of a mobile app was still in its infancy, and things were a lot tougher to do! Having said that I am sure you will agree even these old J2ME apps look pretty slick.


These Nokias were all high end J2ME devices.

Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes F1

I was extremely happy when I was contracted to work on an app for an F1 team – Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes no less! I was so proud and their designs were so insanely ambitious for the standards of that day I almost told them it was not possible on phones of that time (Nokia S40/S60- you remember Ngage?)

Yet (due to my desire to satisfy such a cool company) I gave it my best shot using all my knowledge from the mobile games industry (having previously been a lead games developer & designer for DC Studios) to deliver a smooth graphical experience with an entirely interactive system which could deliver live information about each driver and every turn they took.

The Android and iOS versions were built on the modern day technologies that evolved with decent large handsets, my Blackberry and JavaME versions were entirely written from the ground up involving true canvas development for every single GUI component and it took over 30,000 lines of code to match the experience of iOS/Android which can be achieved in less than half that amount.