CBBC Buzz (Android App for BBC Broadcasting company)

Be part of CBBC BUZZ. The app that everyone is BUZZing about!

It’s free, it’s fun and there’s something for you, whatever you’re into!

There’s loads of cool stuff you can play and get involved with in CBBC BUZZ.

• Super-fun mini-games
• Daily challenges
• Funny videos
• Make your own memes
• Wild and wicked stickers
• Design your own emojis
• Have fun with your favourite celebs, shows and CBBC characters
• Draw and share your amazing creations with other BUZZERS
• Get your amazing Buzz drawings, creations and selfies shown on TV
• Join the BUZZ SQUAD and be part of the coolest community there is!

Sound like something you want to be part of? Download CBBC BUZZ today and see what all the BUZZ is about!

Some adverts from BBC TV for the app:


Developer walk through video

Merlin App for Merlin Protect 24/7 (Android/iOS app for Sainsbury’s, developed in codenameone)

Merlin is a client app for Merlin Protect, which is an online system for business security.  Merlin Protect is in use in many large organisations and buildings around the world including recently Sainsbury’s. I took on the maintenance and development of new features on this app. Ultimately the app was ported to codenameone to allow for native Android and iOS versions. This means it can now run on almost any device out there (as seen below on various phones and tablets).

The Merlin Mobile App provides users access to their Merlin Protect 24/7 software platform on the go, anywhere, any time. Using their current, secure Merlin Protect 24/7 login details they can have instant access to all the reporting and functions in real time wherever they are and all data entered is synced within the Merlin Protect 24/7 audit system.




Some of the companies using this app (more to come!). Team London Bridge used this app to target active shooters in the Terrorist attacks in 2019. This one isn’t that pretty but it saves lives, we kept it simple and easy to use in an emergency.

The electronic Control Room Day Book is an integrated application that is utilised to capture and manage occurrence information in any environment where manual occurrence books are normally used.

Daily tasks are prescribed by the specific assignment instructions and can be tailored to the user. Essentially, all tasks that have to be completed that day are displayed on the handheld device, the task can either be ticked off by the user or where QR codes are utilized scanned onto the mobile device when complete. This provides for real time monitoring which increases the security teams value to the client and provides greater safeguarding of assets and facilities.

SOPs/AIs can be accessed via the app, enabling staff to follow procedures in a consistent manner and ensures clarity and precision in their approach. This means that no matter who is managing the procedure, the outcome is the same and you will be able to audit the actions taken every time.
Supporting information, such as photographs, pdfs, word and excel documents can also be uploaded to the report from the device.

AlcoPath (Android App for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS)

AlcoPath is a tool used by doctors to diagnose alcoholics. It can also export a PDF of the results which doctors can share. More info soon..

More screenshots below.

VR Helicopter simulation for Indian Military (OSVR+Unity3D)

The idea of this project was to develop a proof of concept simulation of flying a helicopter in VR across real terrain. This was a very rough initial phase for proof of concept and was later built upon outside of my own developments. But ultimately the idea was to create a cheap way of trying out different systems within helicopters without having to implement them for millions of dollars. For example placing virtual dials, touchscreens and other instruments in different places within the helicopter to see how they work in practise. Further work was to be done on communication between the helicopters so that pilots could communicate in new innovative ways, like seeing video streams from other helicopters etc.

I worked with Razer to supply state of the art OSVR HDK VR headsets for real helicopter pilots to try it out in India. The collaboration between myself and Razer started when I became one of the 10 winners of the Razer OSVR Fund with my personal indie game.


Raffler (Android, iOS [Codename One] for Saatchi & Saatchi)

Snap 2016-07-12 at 22.57.57


How does it work?
STEP 1) Download Raffler and register
STEP 2) Watch two 30 second ads to enter to win at least £1,000
STEP 3) If you win, securely claim the jackpot through the app
STEP 4) Return daily and enter again!

Raffler generates the prize fund from players watching adverts. So the more people that play, the bigger the prize fund!

Invite friends to play and grow the amount of money that YOU could win.

Free App, Free Play, £1,000’s Every Day.

I was contracted by Saatchi & Saatchi to build this exciting app. I decided to develop it using Codename One. It has now been featured in many newspapers and websites (Gizmodo, app of the month as well as number one trending app on the app store on release) and is doing extremely well right now, Raffler has had over 100 winners so far and has paid out over £150,000 to date.

raff1 raff2raff3 raff4

Clinix (Android app for NHS)

Get free video consultations with your own NHS GP on your iPhone. It’s quick and easy to book an appointment and having the consultation on your mobile means there’s no need to take time off work or travel to your NHS surgery.

When booking your appointment, you also have the option of uploading an image for your GP to view prior to the consultation.

Clinix is also an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system where you can securely record and keep your personal medical history and records. These records are then visible only to your GP for reference during consultations.

Clinix uses the latest cloud technology to ensure your consultations are always secure, confidential and convenient.

screen320x480screen320x480 (1)

screen320x480 (2)screen320x480 (3)

London Ambulance Service (Volounteers)- Location App (Android)

I was absolutely shocked and dismayed to learn that LAS (London Ambulance Service Volounteers) were receiving GPS coordinates with no actual genuine digital map location! They were still searching a physical map to find where they are going! This wasted valuable time allowing people to die. Once I realised I this I developed an app that converted these coords to real google world ones, piped directly to their GPS, showing them the exact spot on the map they needed to go to. This undoubtely saved hundreds of thousands of lives! I donated this app for free to them to aid their good work. and took nothing. Their lack of something like this shocked me, I gave it for free to save lives, my friends, family, maybe my own. They continue to do great work with my tool.

The Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Android app)

Recreated Zx Spectrum Montage

The Recreated ZX Spectrum – is the only authorised, full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer… the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

This is the official companion app for the Recreated ZX Spectrum … for selected Android devices … including phones, tablets and connected TVs. This app includes Chuck Egg, Sinclair BASIC and a huge game bundle. New games and applications will be available with each update of this app.

Before using your Recreated ZX Spectrum, we recommend you view the Operating Guide (Video). To do so tap on the button in this app. The video is approximately 18 minutes long. Each of its 12 chapters can be viewed individually using the index at the end of the video. (Internet connection required.)

Help with using the Recreated ZX Spectrum with connected TVs can also be found at:


About the Recreated ZX Spectrum Android app (available Thu 15th Oct, ’15):

The three most significant ZX Spectrum games of all, ‘Chuckie Egg’, Jet Set Willy’ and ‘Manic Miner’ … are exclusive to the Recreated ZX Spectrum.


As seen on Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe! (BBC)

spectrumapp copy

YoDJ – A Jukebox in your pocket! (Android)

YoDJ works like a Jukebox in your pocket, bringing life to any social event. It effortlessly manages to bring people together by giving everyone a choice over the music selection.

YoDJ is suitable for all social gatherings, from house parties and restaurants all the way to gyms and office environments.

・Key Features:

→ No streaming or downloading of songs, which saves the worry of bandwidth and legal concerns.
→ Cross fading of tracks.
→ Playlist edit feature.
→ Shows elapsed and remaining time.
→ Search in playlist.
→ Access all music stored on your device.
→ View currently playing track with artist image.
→ Supported formats: MP3, M4A, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+.
→ Listen to songs via your device or speaker.
→ Allow your friends to queue up songs remotely.
→ Friends don’t require the application, just a phone with a web browser.
→ Supports a maximum of 320kbps per song

I was the sole developer of this awesome app, which I hope gets some recognition soon 🙂 Grab the beta here.