Pippa Bluetooth LE cooking application (iOS and Android)

(Note this post will be improved once Pippa is official and I have access to final info and screenshots).

This app is designed to link up to Pippa. Pippa is a piece of hardware that attaches to your cooker and reads all of the temperatures from the hobs, and communicates them back to your mobile phone – it does this using Bluetooth LE, and is also encrypted so no one can spy on your cooking! As mentioned the information is reported over encrypted bluetooth and read into the app, it is then displayed in an intuitive manner on your device, allowing you to visualise and know exactly what the state of each hob is. This allows step by step cooking of recipies supplied via the app. The app shows a live update of every single hob, including temperature, timers, and state, such as boiling or frying. Timers can tell you when to stop heating a certain hob, or that you should add the next ingredient for example.

(More info coming soon, this app is not yet commercially released, note screenshots will be updated when it comes out. I cannot take proper screenshots because I don’t have the device on me currently, will update soon)

Some states Pippa can be in shown below. Pippa also allows the setting of timers, downloading of recipies and complete cooking tutorials.

The real final app shows animations for each state etc, but I don’t have screenshots of that currently, they will come soon. Note that I developed my own Bluetooth Lib to facilitate all of this, includng encryption, I plan to use that again in the future for further Bluetooth apps.

Stills from animations shown when app is connected.

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