Merlin App for Merlin Protect 24/7 (Android/iOS app for Sainsbury’s, developed in codenameone)

Merlin is a client app for Merlin Protect, which is an online system for business security.  Merlin Protect is in use in many large organisations and buildings around the world including recently Sainsbury’s. I took on the maintenance and development of new features on this app. Ultimately the app was ported to codenameone to allow for native Android and iOS versions. This means it can now run on almost any device out there (as seen below on various phones and tablets).

The Merlin Mobile App provides users access to their Merlin Protect 24/7 software platform on the go, anywhere, any time. Using their current, secure Merlin Protect 24/7 login details they can have instant access to all the reporting and functions in real time wherever they are and all data entered is synced within the Merlin Protect 24/7 audit system.




Some of the companies using this app (more to come!). Team London Bridge used this app to target active shooters in the Terrorist attacks in 2019. This one isn’t that pretty but it saves lives, we kept it simple and easy to use in an emergency.

The electronic Control Room Day Book is an integrated application that is utilised to capture and manage occurrence information in any environment where manual occurrence books are normally used.

Daily tasks are prescribed by the specific assignment instructions and can be tailored to the user. Essentially, all tasks that have to be completed that day are displayed on the handheld device, the task can either be ticked off by the user or where QR codes are utilized scanned onto the mobile device when complete. This provides for real time monitoring which increases the security teams value to the client and provides greater safeguarding of assets and facilities.

SOPs/AIs can be accessed via the app, enabling staff to follow procedures in a consistent manner and ensures clarity and precision in their approach. This means that no matter who is managing the procedure, the outcome is the same and you will be able to audit the actions taken every time.
Supporting information, such as photographs, pdfs, word and excel documents can also be uploaded to the report from the device.

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