VR Helicopter simulation for Indian Military (OSVR+Unity3D)

The idea of this project was to develop a proof of concept simulation of flying a helicopter in VR across real terrain. This was a very rough initial phase for proof of concept and was later built upon outside of my own developments. But ultimately the idea was to create a cheap way of trying out different systems within helicopters without having to implement them for millions of dollars. For example placing virtual dials, touchscreens and other instruments in different places within the helicopter to see how they work in practise. Further work was to be done on communication between the helicopters so that pilots could communicate in new innovative ways, like seeing video streams from other helicopters etc.

I worked with Razer to supply state of the art OSVR HDK VR headsets for real helicopter pilots to try it out in India. The collaboration between myself and Razer started when I became one of the 10 winners of the Razer OSVR Fund with my personal indie game.


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