YoDJ – A Jukebox in your pocket! (Android)

YoDJ works like a Jukebox in your pocket, bringing life to any social event. It effortlessly manages to bring people together by giving everyone a choice over the music selection.

YoDJ is suitable for all social gatherings, from house parties and restaurants all the way to gyms and office environments.

・Key Features:

→ No streaming or downloading of songs, which saves the worry of bandwidth and legal concerns.
→ Cross fading of tracks.
→ Playlist edit feature.
→ Shows elapsed and remaining time.
→ Search in playlist.
→ Access all music stored on your device.
→ View currently playing track with artist image.
→ Supported formats: MP3, M4A, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+.
→ Listen to songs via your device or speaker.
→ Allow your friends to queue up songs remotely.
→ Friends don’t require the application, just a phone with a web browser.
→ Supports a maximum of 320kbps per song

I was the sole developer of this awesome app, which I hope gets some recognition soon 🙂 Grab the beta here.



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