Sasol Official App (delivered native Android, iOS and Blackberry versions simultaneously [Codename One])

Sasol Limited is an integrated energy and chemical company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where it is considered the second most valuable brand after MTN. With over 34,000 employees, a revenue of US$22 billion and position of #321 on Forbes global 2000 list, it is fair to say I was quite excited about developing their official app. The only snag was that Sasol wanted Android, iOS and Blackberry (classic) versions of the app, this is crazy amounts of work for one man (basically almost three times more work). Luckily I have been training myself up in an amazing and unique cross platform development tool called Codename One.

I decided to write the app entirely in Codename One, and a few months later I had fully native iOS, Android and Blackberry versions of the app, all building from the same source code, and delivered simultaneously to the client. The silver bullet of native cross platform developmentĀ is Codename One.

The app is a travel companion for people driving around South Africa, it helps you plan your journey, build and store your fuel economy statistics, find petrol stations, enter competitions, store photos, rate petrol stations, plot journey routes and a lot more. Since they also required the server-side to be developed I hired my own back-end developer, who wrote the server software, that my client app on the phone speaks to. Ultimately I am very proud of this app, it will be released soon, and now I’m in love with Codename One (you can also see my Codename One portfolio here) and can continue to deliver multi-platform solutions where appropriate.

(Additional Screenshots)

device-2014-08-08-015933 device-2014-08-08-015938

device-2014-08-08-015933 device-2014-08-08-015938

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