Thorpe Park theme park (& Angry Birds Land)

With over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events, THORPE PARK Resort is an island like no other. With the opening of a brand new ANGRY BIRDS LAND complete with the world’s first ANGRY BIRDS 4D experience Thorpe Park is a must see attraction for families and fans of the feathered flock. I developed the official app for Thorpe Park which is crammed with great features such as an interactive map of the park, live queue times, challenges, day planner, opening times and it can even work out the shortest route from you to any item in the park.

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2013-09-10-120636 device-2013-09-10-120646 device-2013-09-10-121007 device-2013-09-10-121122


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