Paultons Park (& Peppa Pig World) theme park

When asked to work on the app for Paultons Park & Peppa Pig World I was delighted. At first it seemed an impossible task – so much functionality and so many beautiful screens to be made. I had to take the challenge head on, and it took a good 5 months of development to make the app frame work and all of the functionality (custom mapping with shortest paths, live queue times, opening times, news, notifications, complete information on every item, planning a day at the park etc). We had many meetings where the whole style changed and the entire feel even changed constantly, forcing things to evolve considerably over time (not something I recommend but it can and will happen at times). Ultimately we came to a solution involving lots of eye candy and lots of functionality – at this point in time these screenshots show a non final product (final version coming soon).

(Additional Screenshots | Developer walk-through video)

device-2013-09-10-124738 device-2013-09-10-124751 device-2013-09-10-124841 device-2013-09-10-125055

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