Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes F1

I was extremely happy when I was contracted to work on an app for an F1 team – Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes no less! I was so proud and their designs were so insanely ambitious for the standards of that day I almost told them it was not possible on phones of that time (Nokia S40/S60- you remember Ngage?)

Yet (due to my desire to satisfy such a cool company) I gave it my best shot using all my knowledge from the mobile games industry (having previously been a lead games developer & designer for DC Studios) to deliver a smooth graphical experience with an entirely interactive system which could deliver live information about each driver and every turn they took.

The Android and iOS versions were built on the modern day technologies that evolved with decent large handsets, my Blackberry and JavaME versions were entirely written from the ground up involving true canvas development for every single GUI component and it took over 30,000 lines of code to match the experience of iOS/Android which can be achieved in less than half that amount.




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