Migo (Subscription Video On Demand for J2ME, Android)


Migo is a last mile platform designed to serve digital products and services to the mass market in developing countries, bypassing traditional telecom networks. On-demand video is the first product on Migo’s platform, with commercial operations launched in 2017.[1]

3-day subscription passes to Migo’s TV and film library are sold at neighborhood retailers in the Philippines (sari-sari stores), and distributed through Migo’s offline network of local WiFi hotspots. Customers download content to their mobile devices at Migo’s hotspots, and watch offline rather than using up mobile data to download or stream content.[1]

The company has reported 6 hours of viewing for each of its 3-day subscription passes.[1]

Migo has stated it intends to expand its platform’s products and services to include other entertainment (music, games, e-books), e-commerce, and education services.[2]

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