Chuckie Egg (Retro Android conversion for Elite Systems)


My goodness I thought, can I take the reigns of Chuckie Egg? To the UK gamer world (who know their games) this is massive, it’s like being the new Dr Who, it’s rough – even if you succeed :-)….. I took the role because I was honoured it was offered and I decided to do a beautiful conversion (as best I could – it was a full on manual port). After about 3 months of toiling (line by line port, wrapper writing, converting for new environment), we managed to release an absolute classic back to the masses in the earliest months of Androids existence and even get it running beautifully on the world’s first Android device, the G1 – in fact that was the target and only device in existence, and it felt wicked on them little cursor keys – touch screen had not yet hit Android properly, multitouch was yet a dream (I know, but that’s what we worked with!). We rocked Android with retro gaming within week 4!…. (Full development interview available here from the Chuckie Egg professional’s resource kit). Needless to say I am extremely proud of my Chuckie Egg port to Android. However I do apologise to the many purists who expected a genuine C64 port, but this was a Spectrum 48K port, so if you guys ask nicely I will do a C64 version one day :-D, all Brits in the 80’s must have loved this classic at one time, if not trust me, we had nothing much better! (Except Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Skool Daze. Back To Skool, Quaztatron, Saboteur – in fact if you’re into the Spectrum why not check out my speccy game play throughs? ).


A retro remake of one the most popular games to come out of the UK!


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