Earlier Works (mostly Java SE/ME & even some Amiga stuff)

A selection of screenshots from some of my earlier works, you can find explanations for all of this in my old portfolio site here. Among these screenshots are some interesting projects from yesteryear, even showing my 2 commercial Amiga games which were released before I went to university at the age of 18. Other screenshots include games I worked on for games studios.

Here is the trailer for a game I designed and developed entirely on my own for J2ME devices back in 2003, it has since been ported to Android (grab it on google play). Despite looking a bit “old school” on Android these days for its day this game was considered to be a very fast paced game pushing the boundaries beyond what had been seen on the devices. It was showcased at E3 and JAMDAT even tried to buy it, at the time they had the top 2 selling mobile games in the world.

And finally, my award at ScotSoft 2002 for software engineer of the year – I was 21, working at Rockstar North on the GTA3 team, the world at my feet 🙂 But I decided to go independent, keep reading if you are interested why.

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