Sprintz (Windows based in-bar drinking game for boysstuff.co.uk, wowstuff.co.uk)


Sprintz had a full page advert in FHM Magazine

Sprintz® Drinking Game is a hilarious, insanely competitive way to spend a Saturday night. The mat times how fast you drink to 1/100th of a second. Includes one electronic mat (battery included) & two Sprintz® shot glasses.

I actually developed the software for the “in-bar” version of Sprintz. We installed special bar versions of Sprintz in a couple venues around the UK (3 Sisters in Edinburgh, Cuban Exchange in Wolverhampton). This project was extremely fun to work on, but also very challenging, it basically consists of a bit of software that reads 4 serial ports at the same time, one connected to each device and one to a control box. Then the software is displayed on large TVs in the bar, so that everyone can see how fast the players were and view a highscore table of the top 100 scores.

The standalone unit was sold in The Gadget Shop, Argos and in many other outlets and airports around the globe.


Sprintz copy



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