Life before mobiles. Web site development. 20+ commercial websites (between 1997-2002).


During the years between 1997 and 2002 I worked as a freelance web designer. In that time I developed over 20 commercial websites for clients. I would visit the client, get an idea of their requirements, then create mock ups for them to approve. I did all of the coding and graphics for every site, some screenshots are shown below. I am no longer offering my web design services but I believe it demonstrates a full understanding of web technologies, graphic design and requirements capturing. It is these formative years that kicked off my freelance career (at 17 years old in 1997) allowing me to ultimately deliver mobile apps to my clients as I do today. The average site I have worked on has around 20 pages – each site could be a post on its own, it was very difficult back then to make sites (but I will spare you the gory details of each site for now :-)).

Some of my clients include:

– Reaseheath College
– Reaseheath centre of vocational excellence in food chain technology
– Tallentire Tooling
APR Recordings (still going after 20 years!)
– Kings Catering
– Northern Physics Services
– The Pulse Magazine
– Alive Mediasoft
– Stirling University Students Association
– Tyne Fancy Goods
– Car Audio Technology
– Woody Wonders
– St Joseph’s and St James Church Peebles
– The Money Guide
– Phantasmagoria Game Site (Amiga release)
– Sprintz drinking game
– The Hobby Box

I have also maintained over 20+ of my own sites. This portfolio could be a site of its own of course, but I just wanted to present it all nicely on a wordpress site for the sake of simplicity.

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