Welcome to my portfolio!

I am Gareth Murfin, a remote Android freelancer from Newcastle, UK. I’m available now to develop your app. This is the latest version of my portfolio, you can also find my CV here (alternative CV here) or go directly to my previous apps here (or check out my youtube channel) – if you interested in games see my games portfolio at gaz.autos. Here is what I bring to the table:

  • Over 25 years of development experience (games, apps and tools), with 20 of them being almost exclusively on the mobile phone.
  • Single handedly developed apps for BBC, ITV, Premier League, NHS, Sainsburys, Royal Ascot, Alton Towers, Peppa Pig World, Angry Birds Land, CBeebies Land, Magners, Sinclair, Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sasol to name but a few.
  • Expert in Java (24 years), Android (13 years), Unity (11 years), C# (11 years), J2ME (12 years) + others: Kotlin, Flutter, Dart, HTML5, JavaScript – I Started developing games as a child on ZX Spectrum and later Applications and games for Amiga, PC, mobile.coolandroid copy
  • Finalist in Google Android developer competition 2 (with Sonorox – 6th in world), Winner of UK Young Software Engineer of the year award in 2002, Best Scottish software engineering project 2002 from Spectra (with an MMO called VARS), TIGA games finalist in 2012 (with The Dead Walk), Winner of Razer OSVR developer competition (2016 with Genocide Dolphins), finalist in the first Startup Labs Program in Taipei (with The Dead Walk), finalist in Tokyo Game Show 2021, finalist in IGN Rogue Jam game competition 2022, holder of Taiwan elite Gold Card Visa for Software Development
  • Released commercial Commodore Amiga games worldwide before I left school (Ultimate Gloom, Zombie Massacre).
  • Successfully licensed my “Mango Booth Finger Paint” technology to BBC for CBBC Buzz and to PicCollage (a global top 10 app).
  • Ranked in TopTal‘s best freelance Android engineers in the world (Nov 2013-July 2015)
  • 100% ranking on PeoplePerHour.com (#25 in the world rankings) also highly recommended on LinkedIn – links on bottom of my CV
  • Elite Pro on Bark.com for software development (100% rank so far)
  • 100% ranking on Codementor.
  • BSc Computer Science (Hons), MSc Technology & Innovation Management (A+ Distinction) – dissertation and thesis both in Java (both received A+ Distinction, Masters degree received highest grade the University of Stirling have ever issued in their history)
  • Over 200 finished projects since 1995, and over 80 million downloads of my apps!
  • Experience working on very large commercial projects (+ knowledge of console development), I was a developer (& voice actor) on Grand Theft Auto – Vice City in 2001 for Rockstar North/Take Two, one of the biggest selling games in history (GTA VC sold 17.5 million copies PS2, PC, PSP, XBOX).
  • One of the earliest Oculus Rift VR game developers – runner up in VRJAM 2013 (Oculus VR game jam) with a rift compatible FPS (I now have a VR portfolio).
  • Augmented Reality (AR) developer currently using Vuforia/Unity3D (I now have an AR portfolio) – I developed prototypes for Marvel Comics.
  • Highly skilled in Codename One and also Dart/Flutter allowing  delivery of multi-platform native apps including Android, iPhone and Windows Phone (see Codename One portfolio) some examples are shown below.
  • Developed the first ever bluecast Bluetooth advertising solution for world’s largest mall in Dubai, in-car prototypes for Seattle police, the first mobile trading tools for the London stock exchange and prototype software for London Ambulance Service.
  • 10 years of Unity3D & C# experience making multiplatform 3D games (FPS/3rd person/2D/VR/AR and more) (Unity portfolio) – see my epic open world cyberpunk game Genocide Dolphins (still in production and developed entirely alone for almost a decade – see some gameplay footage from 2019, new video soon!).
  • I am also skilled in Kotlin (12 months experience so far, 2 full apps developed including a canvas based game).
  • Web3, crypto, play to earn games. I have been lead developer for multi-million dollar crypto games (coming soon)
  • Many, many other projects completed, some of which cannot be shown for legal reasons.
  • I have also worked as a writer in the technology industry (Amiga Format, CU Amiga, Taipei Times, Rush Magazine and more), a graphic designer and a visual effects creator for some big name clients (producing posters, flyers, music videos and live VJ sets), my favourite being The Future Sound Of London (see my videos). I am also a VJ providing live visuals which react to sound for the largest night clubs in Taipei, Taiwan (Luxy), the software (Ferox Neutrino) was custom written by myself (some videos). Update Ferox2 is out now!
  • I have also created official music videos for famous Taiwanese bands such as LTK Commune (aka LTK, Taiwanese: Lô-chúi-khoe Kong-siā 濁水溪公社). I was second in the Urban Nomad Film Fest (城市游牧影展) in Taiwan (2011) with a movie called ‘Abaddon‘ – which was shown at Huashan 1914 Creative Park and Taipei Cultural Center + others, as well as being archived as an important piece of Taiwanese culture. I have produced multiple videos for music labels such as ‘Future Proof Taiwan’ to name but a few. On all of these videos I was director, producer, special effects creator and editor. A couple of examples shown below.

Browse my portfolio and get in touch to discuss your requirements. Towards the bottom you can see what I was doing before Android & iPhone arrived, the original app era on the classic Nokias, I was at the forefront. Also see my other portfolios at the top of this page for AR, VR, Unity, web games etc

Gareth Murfin (gareth.murfin@gmail.com) aka Gaz.

Add me on Skype if you wish to chat: gazy1980.



gazs software award

Whilst working as a PS2 console programmer in Scotland for Rockstar North on “GTA Vice City” I was awarded “Software engineer of the year award” (2002), for previous work on my online world “VARS” – which allowed for virtual reunuions in an isometic world based on your university campus. Kriss Akabusi presented me with a trophy and cash prize at The Grand Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh.


Project Manager at Saatchi & Saatchi:

Gareth is one of the most talented Programmer/Developers I have ever had the pleasure of working work. So much so, that I have introduced and recommended him on to a hand full of agencies here in Cape Town and all of them have had the same kind of response as I have.

Project Manager at Sasol:

Even though his hourly rate is higher than the companies I have outsourced too, he has saved me money and time because of his quick understanding and dare I say genius. A better developer you will have difficulty in finding.

Producer at Elite Systems:

Gareth has a great understanding of various programming languages and is always willing to put maximum effort into any project. He’s very punctual and always available when you need him.

Head of Technology at Digitalist Group:

“We’ve hired Gareth on a few occasions to deliver the j2me part of mobile campaigns and he’s proved to be a real asset. Gareth has demonstrated great ability to drive a project from concept to delivery with minimal input, work under pressure, excellent knowledge of J2ME platforms with hands on experience for a wide-range of apps (from data-driven to full-blown games). ‘Can do’ mentality, consistent, reliable. Looking forward to working with Gareth in many more projects”

Project Manager at IWICS:

Gareth is professional in his work and responsive to our requests and communication. He completed the project on time and to specification. We were highly satisfied with his work.

UI/UX Designer at Siemens:

“Gareth is a reliable and persistent guy that is able to pull off the seeming impossible in crazy timeframes and has a real flare for mobile games development across multiple platforms and console game development.”

Technical producer at DC Studios (in-house role) :

“Gaz is the the most enthusiastic software engineer I’ve ever worked with. He really loves what he does for a living with a passion and it shows in his work. He is high energy and tends to bolster the team’s morale with his consistent positive attitude. He picks up new technologies and platforms lightening quick, making software development in a challenging games environment look easy. I’d not hesitate to recommend him to anyone for any development position or company. Very highly recommended!”

Project Manager at YoDJ:

Gareth met the scope of the project and even went beyond the call of duty a few times. I would definitely work and recommend Gareth for future projects.

IT at FMC Lithium:

I worked with Gareth on a web project, I produced some graphics while he constructed the site and liaised with the customer. He was very easy to work with and clear about the specifications of the project. Good communication and sound forward planning made the project run very smoothly and it was completed way ahead of time.

Brands2 copy

Also check out this quick video show reel showing some of the apps on this page in action. Bear in mind this is from 2014, new one coming soon 🙂

For examples of my game development work you can see the following two videos.

My personal project which will be released in the future.

An example of my Unity abilities, music by Opal Beau.

Music video developed in Unity & After Effects for Colourdomes Taiwan, published by Future Proof record label.

OK, now on with the apps, these are all developed entirely by me as a one man programmer (obviously art and backend API are usually supplied). I receive requirements, quote, take 25% upfront and then get to work. On average an app can be completed in around 8 to 12 weeks depending on availablity and complexity. I can deliver simultaneously on iOS and Android for an extra fee (which is 90% cheaper than getting them developed separately). More magic can be worked if required, like a web version of your app, or even a standalone PC or Mac version, it’s all up to you.


Note: I have developed over 50 of my own apps/games (on many platforms), which will be documented here over time. Also note that I usually have 10+ new apps/games waiting to go on here once I am legally allowed to add them.

QUICK LINKS to the apps shown on this page, almost all Android, but also some iOS, J2ME, Unity, PC, PS2 etc. Click on links or simply scroll down to see in order.

Game based glitch art. Keep scrolling 🙂

Salto App (Developed for iOS/Android using Flutter)

Salto allows employees to borrow money from their employer by removing it from their future salary.

Avec Salto :
• Suivez l’argent que vous gagnez au fur et à mesure des jours déjà travaillés ;
• Touchez une partie de votre salaire instantanément quand vous le souhaitez.


Une fois notre solution déployée par votre entreprise, vous pouvez télécharger Salto, vous connecter, et verser les montants dont vous avez besoin, quand vous en avez besoin, directement sur votre compte en banque.

Les montants versés dans le mois sur Salto seront déduits de votre salaire en fin de mois.

Le service est totalement gratuit. Pas de frais caché, pas de pub.

OUI, il existe une meilleure façon d’être payé.

Bienvenue sur Salto !

Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur notre site : http://www.getsalto.com

Vox Messenger (Secure Android Messenger App)


Vox Messenger is a new and secureencryptedfree alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. VxM is a real-time complete chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality. You can send picturesaudiovideocontact detailsmap locationvoice messages, a user can create groups as well. Featuring elliptic-curve encryptiondecryption and true handset and database level message burningNo ads and no re-targeting ever.


Almost every chat messenger app nowadays provides the ability to ‘delete for everyone’. Most people believe that using this function to delete their messages will delete that message literally, from everyone. However in most cases that is not the case. When a message is deleted on most competitor chat messenger apps, the message is deleted from both the sender and receiver handsets however an encrypted (hopefully) version remains on transit and storage database servers.

Our app is completely different. When you select a message or messages for deletion with Incinr8 the messages are not only deleted from both sender and receiver handsets but also all transit and storage servers that that message has used. With Incinr8 you can be certain that anything you want deleted is actually deleted.


Using Vox Messenger you can call friends and family for free using our crystal clear, high-definition voice and video calls. Speak to anyone in the world with an internet connection or a phone number. Enabling crisp, clear and quality calls anywhere in the world. All voice and video calls are fully encrypted.


– Incinr8 Handset and Database Message Burning
– NEW End-2-End Encryption (Elliptical-Curve)
– NEWMicrophone/Camera/Location Optional Permissions
– Screenshot/Screen-Recording Protection
– Real-Time Chat
– FREE HD Phone Calls
– FREE HD Video Calls
– Voice Messages
– Groups Feature with Admin Functionality
– Sent/Delivered/Read Indication
– Copy/Forward/Delete Messages
– Status Updating Feature
– Push Notification on New Message
– Beautiful Material Design
– Sweet and Clean Animations
– Image Sharing
– Video Sharing
– Audio Sharing
– Contact Sharing
– Location Sharing
– Document Sharing
– Emoji Sharing


We use an open-source high-level cryptographic library that allows you to perform all necessary operations for secure storing and transferring data in your digital solutions. Crypto Library is written in C++, suitable for mobile and server platforms and supports bindings with the following programming languages: Swift, Obj-C, Java (Android), С#/.NET, JS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go.


– KDF2RFC2898

– X25519RFC7748
– RSANIST SP 800-56B

– SHA-2 (256/384/512)RFC4634
– Blake2RFC7693

– Ed25519RFC8032

– Linux/dev/urandom
– WindowsCryptGenRandom()

– Chacha20-Poly1305RFC7539

– X25519RFC7748
– Ed25519RFC8032
– KoblitzRFC4492
– secp192k1
– secp224k1
– secp256k1
– BrainpoolRFC5639
– bp256r1
– bp384r1
– bp512r1
– secp256r1
– secp192r1
– secp224r1
– secp384r1
– secp521r1

Pippa Bluetooth LE cooking application (iOS and Android)

(Note this post will be improved once Pippa is official and I have access to final info and screenshots).

This app is designed to link up to Pippa. Pippa is a piece of hardware that attaches to your cooker and reads all of the temperatures from the hobs, and communicates them back to your mobile phone – it does this using Bluetooth LE, and is also encrypted so no one can spy on your cooking! As mentioned the information is reported over encrypted bluetooth and read into the app, it is then displayed in an intuitive manner on your device, allowing you to visualise and know exactly what the state of each hob is. This allows step by step cooking of recipies supplied via the app. The app shows a live update of every single hob, including temperature, timers, and state, such as boiling or frying. Timers can tell you when to stop heating a certain hob, or that you should add the next ingredient for example.

(More info coming soon, this app is not yet commercially released, note screenshots will be updated when it comes out. I cannot take proper screenshots because I don’t have the device on me currently, will update soon)

Some states Pippa can be in shown below. Pippa also allows the setting of timers, downloading of recipies and complete cooking tutorials.

The real final app shows animations for each state etc, but I don’t have screenshots of that currently, they will come soon. Note that I developed my own Bluetooth Lib to facilitate all of this, includng encryption, I plan to use that again in the future for further Bluetooth apps.

Stills from animations shown when app is connected.

Vuebox – (Android, New Social Video Platform)

Vuebox is a social video platform powered by AI search. We are video centric, allowing you to search and post videos of up to 60 minutes. Monetize your videos, keep up to date and connect with your friends, favourite influencers and brands. Vuebox allows you to:

👉🏻 Upload up to 60 mins per video
Sometimes to get your message across you need time. That’s why we give you the chance to share feature videos that are up to 60 minutes long! This has also helped make the content on our platform richer and more engaging for your audience.

👉🏻 Chronological feed
We’ve kept things simple and put you back in control, all our content is ordered chronologically. We don’t use any secret algorithms or other tech trickery to confuse your content consumption. You will always know exactly when you’re up to date, no video will ever be prioritised over another.

👉🏻 Search
Whilst sometimes we like to browse for inspiration, there are times when we know exactly what we want. This is why we created a robust AI search feature to help you track down the videos you want when you want them.

👉🏻 Create up to 60 sec stories
If you have something slightly longer to say, say it without chopping up your videos. Our stories feature allows you to record videos of up to 60 sec per story.

Bodwell Private High School App (Android/iOS)

Bodwell High School is a private, co-educational boarding school offering grades 8 to 12, and university preparation.  Located in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Bodwell’s campus overlooks the Burrard Inlet and the beautiful Vancouver skyline. Recognized as a leader among Canadian boarding schools, our school’s diverse student population of both local and international students makes it a rich and exciting place to learn, study, play, and build life-long memories and friendships.

I developed an app for Bodwell High School which allows parents and students to see detailed statistics about every aspect of life at the school. This was delivered natively on iOS and Android using the innovative Codenameone language.

Dr Julian Appointment App for NHS (Android)

Snap 2019-05-07 at 13.45.53

Making the decision to get help and support with stress, anxiety, depression or mental health issues is often the first and hardest step. We’re here to make sure that every other step you take after this is as easy as possible.

With the Dr Julian app, you can attend video, audio and live chat therapy sessions with qualified, trusted therapists from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you feel most at ease.

Dr Julian is currently the only online counselling app for mental health and wellbeing that provides online video counselling with qualified, experienced therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists.
Appointments can only be booked through our website https://dr-julian.com
From choosing your own therapist to picking the date, time and location of your appointment, it couldn’t be simpler to begin the path to recovery and start feeling better.

The Dr Julian App has been featured on the BBC, the Daily Mail, the Mail Online and Forbes magazine and is tied to the NHS.


The app utilises Twilio SDK to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.

MJFFSensors (Android + Android Wear for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research)



This app is designed to detect the effectiveness of different Parkinson’s drugs. Using a series of sensors and tests people who have Parkinson’s can use this app to evaluate their effectiveness.

The app records many of the different sensors on the phone and stores this data for periodic upload. Data is encrypted and securely sent to medical research teams using the custom server which I also built. The app can be entirely customised by overriding JSON files that are placed on the sdcard or internal storage.

Since the initial version of this app another large pharmaceutical has taken it on board for use in their fight against Parkinsons.


This app also runs on smart watches.

Ideas @ Work for Oasis Investment Company / Al Shirawi (Android)


Oasis Investment Company LLC is the holding company of the Al Shirawi Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the Persian Gulf, spanning the manufacturing, engineering, trading, transport and logistics, marketing, distribution, contracting, and service industries

The conglomerate comprises over 29 different companies, all with unique specializations, and more than 6500 employees, and is currently ranked at 74 on the Forbes list of Top 100 Companies Making an Impact in the Arab World. The company was founded in 1971 and is based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Al Shirawi came to me looking for an app they could distribute to their 10,000 employees in order to gather all of the best ideas from their various companies. The app is kind of like a virtual suggestion box where employees can share ideas to improve workflow and life in the various industries they work. Users can submit ideas along with pictures, and also tag them so they can be found using the search feature. Users can also set up their own profile, like and comment on the ideas various other features (such as sorting by category, searching etc). At the heart of it, the app feels very much like a Facebook feed but for innovative ideas.

UCVME. Job App (Android)

Build your CV.
Search and Apply for Jobs.
Express yourself with a CV and video portfolio


UCVME is available on web and mobile, designed to make applying for jobs easier and more personal. Express yourself in more than just words with your customised multimedia CV. You can build your personalised CV from scratch or upload an existing one.

Develop your knowledge and improve your applications; show off your individuality, skills and achievements; and search and apply for your dream job.

I developed the initial version of UCVME for Android.